Isorg to Demo Multi-Finger Smartphone Sensor at CES 2020

The fingerprint biometrics specialist Isorg has announced that it will be demoing its full-screen Fingerprint-on-Display (FoD) module at CES 2020 in January. The multi-finger system has been built specifically for smartphones, and can authenticate users based on as many as four fingerprints at the same time.

The module itself is 0.3mm thick, making it easy to deploy in a range of different smartphones. The tech will allow manufacturers to leverage an entire six-inch screen (or bigger) as an in-display fingerprint sensor to provide authentication through one or more fingers.

According to Isorg, it is more difficult to spoof multiple fingerprints than it is to spoof a single fingerprint, making the module a safer option for sensitive applications like mobile banking.

“Isorg is excited to demonstrate the future in multi-fingerprint-on-display security to strengthen authentication on smartphones and wearable devices,” said Isorg CEO Jean-Yves Gomez.

The new FoD is compatible with flexible and foldable displays for smartphones and other IoT devices. The module pairs Isorg’s thin film optical filters with OS software and matching algorithms from the company’s industrial partners.

Isorg expects to make sample modules available to smartphone manufacturers in the spring of 2020, and also indicated that it will be leveraging the tech for identity and access management. The company previously developed a flexible plastic fingerprint sensor in collaboration with FlexEnable, and later garnered a Silver Applications Award at the 2017 Best of Sensors Expo.