Jumio Unveils Fully Automated Jumio Go Onboarding Platform

Biometrics News - Jumio Unveils Fully Automated Jumio Go Onboarding Platform

Jumio is once again preparing to add a new product to its award-winning identity verification portfolio. The company has announced the beta release of Jumio Go, a fully automated customer onboarding platform that will allow organizations to register new users without the need for a human review during the enrollment process.

Like Jumio’s other offerings, Jumio Go will be compliant with the latest Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations, matching a selfie against an official ID to verify the identity of a new user. The solution utilizes AI and large data sets to spot fake and altered IDs, as well as facial recognition technology with NIST-certified liveness detection that comes courtesy of Jumio’s partnership with FaceTec.

Jumio Go is compatible with more than 500 forms of international identification, and offers full support for mobile, web, and cloud channels.

“A fully automated solution was always a question of when, rather than if,” said Jumio President Robert Prigge. “Jumio Go leverages the power of big data and AI to equip modern enterprises with instant online identity verification. Just as importantly, Jumio Go prevents bad actors and bots from creating fake accounts thanks to our embedded liveness detection.”

Jumio plans to use the beta period to improve Jumio Go based on the feedback it receives from clients. The company also indicated that it will integrate the technology developed for Jumio Go into its pre-existing identity products, including the hybrid Jumio Identity Verification solution.