Karma Unveils SC2 Concept Car With Biometric Features

Biometrics News - Karma Unveils SC2 Concept Car With Biometric Features

Karma Automotive has unveiled its SC2 concept car at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

The SC2 — a follow-up to the SC1 unveiled earlier this year in Shanghai –comes loaded with advanced technology, including a number of biometric features focused on providing increased control, comfort and security for the vehicles driver and their passengers.

On the security front, keyless biometrics-enabled locks allow entry through either fingerprint recognition or face-scanning, adding an anti-theft component beyond what is typically found in the vast majority of vehicles.

Though the extent of the biometric features found on the SC2 have yet to be fully revealed, we do know that a biometric steering wheel and biometric seats are meant to provide a more comfortable and personalized experience for the driver and passengers.

The 1,100 horse-power SC2 features two 800 kW motors capable of going 0-60mph in a reported 1.9 seconds. The range of the electric motors is also reported at 350 miles between charges.

The reveal of the SC2 comes just a few weeks after Toyota unveiled its own futuristic concept car loaded with biometric tech. The Toyota LQ — previewed last month at the Tokyo Motor Show — features biometric seats capable of making subtle real-time adjustments to increase driver alertness and alleviate stress.

The SC2 also features Karma’s own “Drive and Play” technology, where an adaptive laser turns the inside of the vehicle into a simulator by projecting video shot on a 360-degree triple high-def camera into the vehicle’s interior when it is safely in park.

Karma notes that the vehicle is only a concept, and won’t be built until the company introduces its new dedicated electric vehicle platform, which they expect to do in 2021.

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