Keesing Releases New Selfie-Based Onboarding Solution

Biometrics News - Keesing Releases New Selfie-Based Onboarding Solution

Keesing Technologies has released a new web API that was built to facilitate the remote onboarding of new customers for financial institutions. The solution is part of the company’s broader AuthentiScan suite, and leverages document reading and facial recognition capabilities.

To that end, Keesing is a document verification specialist with a reference database that includes upwards of 6,000 forms of identification from 200 different countries. AuthentiScan will first ask users to take a photo of their ID document, and then take a selfie to complete the onboarding process. The platform will use facial recognition to compare the selfie to the photo on the ID, using subtle motions like blinking and lip movement for liveness detection.

AuthentiScan is compliant with the latest Anti-Money Laundering regulations, and utilizes Optical Character Recognition tech to speed up the enrollment with autofill functionality.

“Accuracy in customer onboarding is crucial to create trust,” said Keesing Commercial Director Daniel Suess. “A frictional or inaccurate image capturing process leaves you with frustrated customers that are likely to drop out.”

The API is available now, though Keesing plans to update the platform with RFID chip tech and other features over the course of the coming year. AuthentiScan is the latest addition to the growing trend of selfie-based onboarding solutions, with companies like Jumio, FacePhi, and Onfido gaining traction with their own versions of the technology in the past several months.