Onfido and SecureKey Team Up on Comprehensive Identity Verification

Biometrics News - Onfido and SecureKey Team Up on Comprehensive Identity Verification

SecureKey and Onfido have joined forces in an effort to provide customers with a more comprehensive identity verification on solution. The joint offering will blend SecureKey’s real-time authentication tech with Onfido’s document and facial recognition.

Onfido’s platform uses facial biometrics to compare a selfie to the photo on an official government ID document. Doing so ensures that the person taking the picture is indeed the person depicted on the document, and allows business to proceed accordingly.

SecureKey, meanwhile, references trusted sources to verify people’s personal information in real time to provide a greater level of assurance. Those sources include governments, financial institutions, and telecommunications providers.

At first, the SecureKey and Onfido offering will only cover passports and driver’s licenses. It will then be extended to provincial healthcare and residency cards. Onfido’s platform is ultimately compatible with more than 4,500 unique documents from 195 different countries.

“Our partnership demonstrates positive market movement towards a more secure digital future for consumers,” said SecureKey CEO Greg Wolfond. “We’re excited to plan our global expansion, using our digital identity services as interoperable solutions across markets.”

“Our mission is to create a more open world, where identity is the key to access,” added Onfido CEO Husayn Kassai. “SecureKey clearly shares this same drive to build a more secure landscape where customers have privacy, security and consent in one easy-to-use process.”

With the announcement, SecureKey adds its name to the impressive roster of companies that have teamed up with Onfido in the past few months. The Swiss company yallo recently turned to Onfido to enable mobile onboarding, while Entify has paired it with its own Know-Your-Corporate-Customer solution to verify the identities of individual business representatives. 

Those partnerships (along with several others) helped fuel Onfido’s 130 percent year-over-year growth for 2019. The company has also been listed as one of the top 100 AI startups for the second year in a row.  

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)