OPPO Integrates Goodix Fingerprint and Voice Tech Into Find X2 Smartphones

Biometrics News - OPPO Integrates Goodix Fingerprint and Voice Tech into Find X2 Smartphones

Goodix’s ultra-thin optical in-display fingerprint sensor will enable fingerprint authentication in a new line of OPPO smartphones. The company has announced that its flagship sensor is being featured in the new OPPO Find X2 series.

The Find X2 series will also include Goodix’s noise suppression technology. The smart solution will support voice applications and recording.

The OPPO offering is not the first phone to feature both fingerprint and voice tech from Goodix. The recently unveiled iQOO 3 5G phone from Vivo similarly boasts an in-display fingerprint sensor and Goodix’s Voice Communication Noise Cancellation solution.

OPPO, meanwhile, has become a steady Goodix customer in the past few months. The in-display fingerprint sensor has already been integrated into the OPPO K5 and the Reno Ace, as well as the 5G-ready Reno3 and Reno3 Pro.

The new deal indicates that Goodix’s voice portfolio has continued to gain traction since the company acquired NXP’s Voice and Audio Solutions business back in August. It should also come as welcome news given Goodix’s recent legal troubles. The China National Intellectual Property Administration has invalidated one of the patents in the in-display fingerprint sensor, greatly hampering Goodix’s prospects in the patent infringement lawsuit that it filed against Egis Technology.