Simeio Unveils Identity Vault App with Facial Recognition Tech

Biometrics News - Simeio Unveils Identity Vault App with Facial Recognition Tech

Simeio Solutions has released a new identity verification app that utilizes facial recognition to confirm the validity of an official government ID. The app has been dubbed the Simeio Identity Vault, and it is available for iOS and Android devices and through the web.

Identity Vault was designed to lower the cost of identity proofing for businesses and other organizations. The process begins with an official ID like a driver’s license. The app then uses facial recognition and a second form of identity (like a utility bill backed up with personal information) to verify the person making a claim.

Once a claim has been verified, it can be stored in a digital wallet on an iOS or Android device that makes it easy to share verified claims with another organization. The Identity Vault will develop a trust score that will evolve as the user builds a consistent track record, while the claims themselves can be shared in a way that respects the privacy of the individual.

“Simeio Identity Vault provides a solution to current legacy identity proofing methodologies,” said Simeio CRO Shawn Keve. “With a multi-pronged approach, businesses and governments can digitally transform by verifying their customers’, employees’, and all stakeholders’ identities based upon information that we can collect and confirm.”

Identity Vault is the latest app trying to fulfill the demand for mobile identity and access management solutions. Simeio is hoping that the platform will replace outdated identity proofing options and address fraud concerns at the institutional level.