Verizon Unveils New Cybersecurity and Digital Identity Solutions

Verizon Unveils Collection of New Cybersecurity and Digital Identity Solutions

Verizon is expanding its security portfolio with a collection of new products that were designed to help companies guard against various forms of cybercrime. The new offerings included Verizon Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Verizon Identity (VID), and Verizon Machine State Integrity, in addition to an upgraded Rapid Response Retainer.

So what do the new products do? Verizon MDR is a cloud-based managed security service built with Securonix technology. It can be laid over the top of Verizon’s existing threat detection system, and will allow organizations to use Securonix’s analytic and behavioral monitoring capabilities to spot potential cyberthreats.

VID and Verizon Machine State Integrity are Verizon’s first blockchain security solutions. The latter gathers operational data in decentralized machine environments, and then analyzes that data to highlight potential vulnerabilities and give businesses the opportunity to address them.

VID, meanwhile, is essentially a digital safe used to store digital identities on mobile devices. The platform encrypts the user’s personal information and spreads it across multiple blockchain servers, and leverages biometric authentication for additional security. Verizon believes that VID credentials will give people an alternative to passwords, and notes that the platform is compatible with the latest GDPR privacy regulations and FIDO2 standards.

“Financially motivated cyberattacks are increasing across the board, and C-level executives are increasingly targeted by social breaches linked to stolen credentials. Organizations need to be thinking differently about security, and leveraging cutting edge technology to mitigate cybercrime,” said Verizon Executive Director and Security Services CPO Alex Schlager.

The improved Rapid Response Retainer gives customers more customization options, including a new mobile app that will give clients detailed status reports and access to a response team if a threat is detected. VID is available now, while Verizon MDR will launch in April and Machine State Integrity will debut in the US in the second quarter of the year.

Verizon will be one of several companies bidding for a piece of the 5G spectrum in the US during an upcoming FCC auction.