WhatsApp Officially Brings Fingerprint Security to Android Users

WhatsApp Officially Brings Fingerprint Security to Android Users

WhatsApp has officially launched its fingerprint unlock utility for Android users. The feature was first introduced in a beta format back in August, but is now available to all WhatsApp users with an Android phone that supports fingerprint recognition.

To activate the new feature, WhatsApp users will need to find their way to the Fingerprint Lock screen in the Privacy menu. Once there, they can turn on “Unlock with Fingerprint” and then confirm their fingerprint with their smartphone. After that, users will need to provide their fingerprint to open the app, although they will be able to answer calls if WhatsApp is locked.  

The Fingerprint Lock screen will also allow users to determine what information will show up in WhatsApp notifications, and how long they want the app to wait before re-locking. Depending on their desired level of security, users can configure WhatsApp to request a new fingerprint scan every minute, every 30 minutes, or every time they open the app.

The Android update finally concludes a story that began with rumors at the beginning of the year. WhatsApp introduced support for Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone users back in February.

Android users can navigate to the Fingerprint Lock screen through a chain that runs from Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.