Windows Hello Comes to Two New VAIO Laptops

Biometrics News - Windows Hello Comes to Two New VAIO Laptops

VAIO has released a pair of new high-performance business laptops. Both the VAIO SX12 and the VAIO SX14 feature a processor from Intel’s 10th Generation Core U Line, and introduce facial authentication courtesy of Windows Hello.

To that end, Windows Hello allows VAIO users to log into their device using the laptop’s built in camera. The SX12 and the SX14 also come with a fingerprint sensor, which means that both laptops provide users with multiple biometric authentication options.

With the integration, the SX12 and the SX14 become the latest high-end laptops to adopt Windows Hello functionality. HP brought Windows Hello to its Elite Dragonfly business laptop in December, and Samsung unveiled two new Galaxy Books with Windows Hello support at its Samsung Developer Conference in October.

The deployments come several months after the Windows Hello platform received FIDO2 certification, which extended FIDO2 support to every Windows 10 device. The FIDO Alliance highlighted the feat in its 2019 round up, pointing out that some form of passwordless authentication is becoming increasingly normalized on contemporary computers.    

Of course, the new VAIO laptops do have more to offer than biometrics. Some of the other features include an HDMI terminal that is capable of 4K output, a VGA terminal, a wired LAN terminal, and a USB Type-C terminal. They also come with a “quiet keyboard” that was designed to be less distracting than conventional alternatives. According to VAIO, its TruePerformance tuning technology will deliver a 40 percent performance improvement over previous VAIO models when applied to the two new laptops.

The SX12 weighs in at 1.97 pounds, while its 14-inch counterpart tips the scales at 2.32. The new models are available now at a starting price point of $1,199. VAIO will also release a limited Red Edition of both of the new SX laptops.