Biometrics a Key Topic at U.S. Payments Forum Event

Biometrics a Key Topic at U.S. Payments Forum EventBiometrics and other innovative methods of authentication will be a key topic at the July Member Meeting of the U.S. Payments Forum, a non-profit cross-industry alliance that encompasses the whole payments ecosystem.

Organizers have announced the agenda for this year’s event, and it’s going to kick off with a plenary panel entitled, “Next Generation Consumer Authentication Methods.” Speakers in this panel will cover “rends in consumer authentication methods, including biometrics, authentication in mobile payments, and new signature requirements”, according to the agenda’s announcement.

It’s a high-profile acknowledgement of the increasingly important role that biometric technology plays in payment authorization. Digital payments have tended in this direction for some time thanks in part to the emergence of mobile payment systems like Apple Pay that use biometric payment authorization; but biometrics are also increasingly making their way into physical payments, with the likes of Mastercard and Visa both actively exploring technologies that embed fingerprint sensors into payment cards.

Other major components of the U.S. Payments Forum event include education sessions on “Acquirer Testing and Certification”, “Dual-Interface Card Personalization and ODA”, “Faster Payments”, and “EMVCo Secure Remote Commerce”; and a panel discussion entitled “Contactless Payments: Overcoming Issuance and Acceptance Challenges”.

The U.S. Payments Forum’s July Member Meeting will run from July 11th to 12th in Burlingame, California.