Bitcoin Wallet Secured by Dynamic Private Keys, Biometrics

Embedded Downloads has launched the Embedded Vault, a digital BitCoin wallet placing a premium on security.Bitcoin Wallet Secured by Dynamic Private Keys, Biometrics

The wallet’s key feature is its use of dynamically generated private keys that are never stored. The system needs to be downloaded on both the user’s smartphone and PC, with a Bluetooth connection enabling communication between the apps. The user must undergo a fingerprint scan on the mobile device in order to generate a private key, ensuring that the PC application also benefits from biometric security.

At launch, the Embedded Vault will be capable of storing Bitcoin, EOT Coin, and EOT Token cryptocurrencies. Going forward, Embedded Downloads is aiming to develop wallets supporting Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Waves as well.

The digital wallet’s announcement comes a few months after Embedded Downloads’ announcement of BitVault, a smartphone that also prioritizes security based on cryptographic keys and biometric authentication. The device supports both fingerprint and iris recognition thanks to technology provided by Fingerprint Cards.

In a statement, Embedded Downloads said the Embedded Vault will become commercially available “in the next few days”, adding that “further secure applications will be announced shortly.”