Bixby Learns English, Comes to America

Bixby has learned English.

Bixby Learns English, Comes to AmericaSamsung’s voice-controlled AI assistant launched in South Korea in late spring. At the outset, Bixby could only understand and speak Korean, but with the platform now versed in English, it has also arrived to users in the US.

In announcing the system’s expansion, Samsung was keen to emphasize the sophistication of its underlying AI technology, asserting that it can understand complex, natural speech, and comply with instructions like ‘Find photos I took in Spain and create an album for them.’ The company said Bixby offers users “easy control of smartphones and beyond.”

The “beyond” may be a key point here. Voice interaction is quickly becoming a key user interface not just for mobile devices but also the Internet of Things, and rivals like Apple and Amazon are likewise investing heavily in advancing their Siri and Alexa AI platforms. Samsung is relatively late to the game, but clearly has some substantial aspirations for Bixby.