BluStor’s Identity Card Protects Passwords With Biometrics

BluStor has announced a new digital security device that stores passwords in a small card-shaped device, and secures them with biometrics.

BluStor's Identity Card Protects Passwords With BiometricsCalled the Identity card, the device is essentially a small computer with 2GB of storage. It’s something like a physical version of a password manager app such as Keeper or LastPass, designed to store a given user’s every password in one central location. And with Identity, the user can opt to require a fingerprint or palmprint scan for access.

Effective January of next year, Identity will also offer users $25,000 in annual “Family Cyber Security Insurance”, according to a statement announcing the solution.

The Identity card appears to be the latest refinement of BluStor’s technology, with the company having launched its similar CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase in February of 2016. Later that summer, BluStor teamed with Arrow Electronics, which offered assistance in distribution and value added services.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)