BRIEF: The Latest Developments in Biometric Payment Cards

BRIEF: The Latest Developments in Biometric Payment Cards

The emerging biometric payment cards market remains an area of intense focus for a number of fingerprint sensor specialists, FinTech stakeholders, and banks. Fingerprint-scanning payment cards are expected to be the next big wave in the world of financial services, enabling highly secure contactless transactions by authenticating cardholders as they tap to pay at a POS. And with the fundamental technologies now having been developed, the major players in this area are currently racing to establish partnerships and infrastructure, and to cross all the t‘s and dot all the i‘s when it comes to related technologies.

In other words, activity in this emerging market has not slowed down. Here’s a sampling of some of the latest developments:

Fingerprint sensor specialists continue to establish new ties with firms in the financial services sector, from card makers to POS solutions providers:

UAE-Based FutureCard Using FPC Tech for Biometric Payment Cards

Zwipe Gets Another Biometric Payment Cards Partner

IDEX and Chutian Dragon Team with POS Specialist on Biometric Card Transactions

And while the core technologies for biometric smart cards have now emerged, the development of related technologies remains an ongoing concern:

Zwipe Launches JavaCard OS for Biometric Payment Apps

Meanwhile, trial programs continue, with some of the UK’s first big pilot programs having just been kicked off:

NatWest, RBS Trials of Biometric Payment Cards Kick Off with Launch Events

NatWest Trial of Biometric Payment Cards Features FPC Tech