BRIEF: Mobile Biometrics at a Turning Point

BRIEF: Mobile Biometrics at a Turning PointJust a few years ago, biometric authentication was something of a novelty for consumers. Now, it’s in more consumer tech products than ever, and its upwards trajectory remains solidly in place – particularly in the mobile sector.

Nevertheless, mobile biometrics tech is also at a turning point, with conventional fingerprint scanning starting to look just a little bit outdated. New technologies are emerging, and device makers are now making critical decisions about which modalities to embrace, while support for biometric authentication in general is solidifying.

The dust is far from settled, and the mobile biometrics industry could still shift in a range of directions. Here’s where things stand right now:

Biometric authentication is getting baked into mobile operating systems:

Android P Raises Standards for Biometric Authentication

iOS 12 Password Manager to Get Biometric Security Boost on Mobile

Face ID is cementing its position as Apple’s flagship security system:

Face ID Hits Symbolic Milestone

Face ID Supplier Prepares to Open New Factory

Rivals are trying to beat Apple at its own game:

Vivo, Megvii Team Up On 3D Face Scanning

Megvii Claims OPPO Device’s Face Biometrics Surpass Face ID

And Samsung wants the best of both worlds, looking to facial recognition and new in-display fingerprint scanning technology for a competitive edge:

Samsung Galaxy S10 to Sport 3D Facial Recognition and In-Display Fingerprint Scanning

Galaxy S10 Leaks Suggest Samsung Has Heard Fingerprint Feedback