Calgary Scientific Starts to Walk the Walk with Mobile Healthcare

vital biometrics and wearable tech

Medical IT company Calgary Scientific Inc. has announced a new partnership with OnBase by Hyland, a content management platform. OnBase is integrating Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD medical image service into its Patient Window system.

ResolutionMD is a program that lets doctors view medical images from mobile devices, so essentially what this means is that doctors and caregivers using the OnBase platform will be able to look at their patients’ medical images via OnBase’s Patient Window software, thereby providing an enhanced remote care framework. ResolutionMD is certified by the FDA, CFDA, Health Canada, and it’s CE marked, so OnBase will be able to use it in a variety of important markets.

Security is an important aspect of ResolutionMD’s branding; in a press release, Calgary Scientific was keen to note that its “federated approach is an important differentiator from other solutions as highly sensitive data is never moved to a device and no additional data storage locations are created.”

With its focus on security and its recent proclamations about the growing importance of mobile-based remote care, the company may soon embrace the biometric security measures finding their way onto mobile devices, such as the fingerprint-scanning Touch ID system of Apple’s newest mobile devices. In any case, mobile devices’ biometric sensors are increasingly being used for remote care purposes, and this new alliance between Calgary Scientific and OnBase seems to be a step in that direction.