Chase Bank Enables Fingerprint Login for Android App

Chase Bank has enabled fingerprint login for its Android app. Customers using compatible devices running on the Marshmallow OS, which features native fingerprint scanning support, can now sign in to the app simply by scanning their fingers, though certain app features will still require password-based authentication as well.

Chase Bank Enables Fingerprint Login for Android AppAs AndroidCentral notes, Chase Bank is only the second bank to support Android fingerprint login, following the lead of Bank of America, which enabled the feature last September. Meanwhile, numerous banks have embraced fingerprint-based login via the Touch ID system found on newer Apple devices. It isn’t clear why financial institutions haven’t been more enthusiastic in supporting Android fingerprint scan, though Touch ID has been around longer, and the variability between devices in Android fingerprint scan support may also be a factor.

For its part, Chase Bank seems to be one of the more enthusiastic supporters of mobile technology among major US financial institutions; it’s reportedly exploring ATM concepts that can use smartphones for user authentication, rather than traditional bank cards. For now, though, Android fingerprint scan support is a firm step toward the bank’s more mobile-focused future.

Source: AndroidCentral