CIOReview Calls FaceTec a Top Security Solutions Provider for 2018

“Turbi’s carsharing service is built on convenience, dependability, value and safety. To keep the experience safe from the start, we chose ZoOm to ensure only the right person has access to the right vehicle. The unmatched security, speed, simplicity and ease of management allows us to focus on growing our business.” – Diego Lira, CEO, Turbi

FaceTec has been named one of 2018’s 10 most promising technology solutions providers in physical security by CIOReview.CIOReview Calls FaceTec a Top Security Solutions Provider for 2018

The plaudit is in recognition of FaceTec’s ZoOm 3D Face Login solution. Leveraging a standard smartphone camera, ZoOm is designed to establish a 3D biometric profile of a user’s face by scanning a quick video selfie, allowing for highly accurate biometric authentication on mobile.

While this technology offers a range of applications, in a statement announcing its CIOReview recognition, FaceTec explained that its technology was highlighted for its utility in physical access control. Such an application was demonstrated in collaboration with IAV at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, with the companies showing how ZoOm could be used to ensure that only an authorized user is able to access a concept connected car. And at the end of last month, Brazil-based car-sharing service Turbi revealed that it had put this idea into practice, integrating ZoOm into its car-sharing app, allowing members to unlock Turbi cars with their phones.

With ZoOm offering such convenient and effective access control applications, it’s no surprise that the system would bring FaceTec acclaim from CIOReview. And with a webcam version of the system in the pipeline, ZoOm is poised to get more plaudits going forward.