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About FaceTec, Inc.

ZoOm® with TrueLiveness is the breakthrough, universal biometric authenticator that works with the 5+ billion iOS and Android devices around the World.  ZoOm authenticates users in ~2 seconds by matching facial features and verifying liveness using a simple selfie-style UI.  ZoOm’s universality, ease of use, and high level of security and makes passwords and hardware based biometrics obsolete.

About ZoOm

ZoOm is a 100% software solution and has been developed to be smartphone hardware independent; allowing for universal integration into iOS and Android applications.  ZoOm’s universality and unique ability to truly verify a user’s liveness makes it more powerful than any other mobile biometric.

  • ZoOm works on iOS/Android phones with front-facing cameras
  • ZoOm features a familiar and intuitive selfie-style UI
  • Enrollment takes <30 seconds and Authentication takes ~2 seconds
  • FIDO certified, ZoOm processes, encrypts and stores biometric data 100% on-device
  • The ZoOm SDK is small and very easy to integrate into any iOS or Android app
  • Proprietary, continuous learning algorithms account for subtle changes in appearance
  • ZoOm is so secure it can be used for single factor authentication, but can also work within a multi-factor authentication (MFA) stack

Just frame your face in the oval, ZoOm your phone a bit closer and you’re into the app!  No more passwords and no more fingerprint failures.  ZoOm means ultra-strong account security for everyone, everywhere.

Please visit ZoOmLogin.com for more information!
FaceTec, Inc., founded in 2013, is a biometric security software company headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada.

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