Computer Vision System Helps Suzuki Drivers See and Avoid Pedestrians

Hitachi Stereo Camera Helps Suzuki Drivers See and Avoid Pedestrians

The Suzuki Motor Corporation has integrated Hitachi Automotive’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and stereo camera into its CARRY line of light pickup trucks. The stereo camera is able to detect the presence of pedestrians at night, which in turn enables collision avoidance braking when paired with ADAS safety features.

The goal is to make the road safer for drivers and pedestrians alike, helping to improve the slower reaction times of Japan’s aging population. The company notes that the CARRY model is popular with Japan’s older farmers, and that Hitachi’s driver assistance system will introduce a slew of other safety features, including lane warnings and lead vehicle start alerts.

The ADAS tech is similar to Subaru’s Eyesight Driver Assist system, which prevents the driver from swaying into another lane. Eyesight Driver Assist is available in the Subaru Forester, and was partly responsible for the car’s listing as one of the ten best family cars earlier this year.  

With the new tech, the CARRY has now been certified as an S Wide Safety Driving Support Car, a Japanese Ministry designation that recommends certain cars for elderly drivers. Hitachi’s ADAS tech was trained through machine learning. Driver monitoring and other biometric safety features are also likely to appear in a growing number of vehicles over the next few years.