Credence ID And Integrated Biometrics Benefiting From Watson’s Success

Trident biometric readerIntegrated Biometrics announced on Monday that its Watson Mini solution – a Mobile ID IQS FAP 45, Appendix F certified scanner and SDK – has been helping sell Credence ID’s Trident Handheld multi-modal biometric reader. The Trident, an Android-based mobile device that captures and enrolls iris, face and fingerprint biometrics.

Watson Mini was incorporated into Credence ID’s device this year and since then over 500 Trident units have been sold. Integrated Biometrics positions this movement of product as an endorsement for its fingerprint solution, with company CEO, Steve Thies remarking, “The strong sales of the Trident clearly demonstrate the value of the Watson Mini as the preferred solution for integration partners like Credence ID.”

Bruce Hanson, president and CEO of Credence ID, added his own Watson Mini endorsement, saying:  “The Watson Mini has been a star performer for the Trident, especially in difficult environments. Integrated Biometrics’ technology meets our end users’ mobility requirements of size, speed, accuracy and durability. We have integrated the Watson Mini at a very low level with our single board, purpose-built biometric platform, which makes the Trident truly unique in terms of Android-based handheld biometric devices.”

Credence ID launched the Trident early this year and has since seen major deployments. It is currently used in parts of Southeast Asia for law enforcement purposes. This summer Credence also won a contract to provide the biometric handhelds to Guatemala and Mexico to help keep better track of prison and jail inmates.