Credence ID Releases New Device Management Platform

Credence ID Releases New Device Management Platform

Credence ID has released a new management tool that will make it easier for companies to keep tabs on all of the Credence devices connected to their mobile network. Dubbed CredenceCONNECT, the new web-based platform maps the location of every device and allows system administrators to remotely monitor usage and analyze the data gathered.

“We understand that maintaining a large-scale deployment is essential to the success of any ID project,” said Credence CTO Yash Shah. “CredenceCONNECT can perform detailed diagnostics remotely on any device in the fleet, at a component level.” 

The devices connected to the platform can be configured to send automatic alerts if an issue is detected, allowing for better response times in the event that something does go wrong. Credence also developed an Identification App Marketplace (IAM) to help companies find the software applications that best meet their unique identity requirements.

The company’s portfolio of biometric handhelds includes the award-winning Credence TAB tablet and the CredenceTWO, which recently received a rugged upgrade in the form of the CredenceTWO-R. In other news, Credence announced that Sanjay Patel will be asked to ensure the success of CredenceCONNECT as the company’s new Director of Products. 

“CredenceCONNECT is a powerful management tool for administrators responsible for deploying, tracking, analyzing and updating a geographically dispersed fleet of mobile ID devices,” concluded Patel. “It has never been easier to deploy flexible mobile ID solutions out-of-the-box and manage the entire lifecycle at such a granular level.”