Cypress Joins FIDO Alliance Just in Time for MWC

Personal IdentityTouch sensor developer Cypress Semiconductor Corporation has joined the FIDO Alliance. The move comes just in time for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the company will be its wearable tech and Internet of Things solutions.

Cypress was in the news last year when it partnered with IDEX ASA to implement that company’s fingerprint scanning technology into its portfolio. Given how the market for such technology has been growing, that was a smart move, and also paved the way for the company to join FIDO; it seems that the company has become increasingly focused on the security applications of its products. Speaking in a press release, an executive for the company called joining the FIDO Alliance “another significant step in the development of our fingerprint reader solutions,” adding, “We envision a very strong product roadmap that will meet the rapidly growing demand for personal security.”

That’s probably a good bet. The fingerprint market has been undergoing strong growth and that is projected to continue for the next several years. Cypress’ partner IDEX ASA has itself begun to reorganize and reposition itself to become a leading vendor on the global market. Getting on board with the high security standards of the FIDO Alliance will only help Cypress to improve its credibility in the world of biometric security, and could open many doors going forward.