Delta ID Iris Scanning Returns in New Fujtisu-NTT DOCOMO Smartphone

HiResFujitsu has launched a new iris scanning smartphone in Japan. Called the Arrows NX F-02H, the mobile device is a sequel to Fujitsu’s Arrows NX F-04G, which, in May, became the first smartphone in the world to feature built-in iris-based user authentication.

As with the Arrows NX F-04G, the new F-02H once again uses iris scanning technology developed by Delta ID. Fujitsu is evidently happy with the quality of Delta ID’s technology based on its customer response to the F-04G; in a press release, Fujitsu’s Head of Mobile Phones Business Unit, Katsumi Takada, said the company’s “customers love the iris recognition feature” of the device.

Also similar to the original iteration is its rollout through Japan’s NTT DOCOMO, a telecom that has proven to be an early adopter of new and innovative technologies. This spring it became the first mobile network operator in the world to join the FIDO Alliance, and it quickly became an MNO pioneer in promoting biometric authentication to its users, first via a partnership with Qualcomm. The company is now leveraging smartphone iris authentication not only for device unlock, but also for access control to various web services and authentication of mPayments.