Digital Insight Integrates Android Fingerprint Authentication

Digital Insight Integrates Android Fingerprint AuthenticationFintech solutions provider Digital Insight is integrating Android Fingerprint ID into its Mobile Banking App, the company has announced.

The integration complements the app’s current support for Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint authentication system for iOS, and Eyeprint ID, EyeVerify’s eye vein-based mobile authentication solution. Digital Insights hopes to roll out Android Fingerprint ID to all mobile customers this May.

Commenting on the integration, Digital Insight Mobile Banking product manager Dan Weis explained that such biometric technologies “offer a compelling feature for mobile banking applications, driving benefits for the end user as well as the financial institution,” adding that addition of Android Fingerprint ID support “furthers our commitment to biometric authentication and continued top-of-the-line performance of the Digital Insight mobile banking app.”

The move should further popularize mobile biometric authentication in the financial services sector, with Digital Insight’s client banks adopting the modality for their own apps; Cambridge Savings Bank will be the first to do so, surely with more to follow.