DigitalPersona TouchChip TCS1 Sensor Selected For BLUEFiN Mobile Fingerprint Scanner

DigitalPersona logoDigitalPersona announced today that it’s TouchChip TCS1 sensor has been selected by Toplink Pacific Pte. for its mobile fingerprint sensor: the BLUEFiN.

Toplink Pacific’s new device leverages Bluetooth technology to allow for all of the luxuries that come along with strong authentication. Not just pigeonholed into a single target market, the BLUEFiN can enable biometric protection for mobile commerce transactions, act as a single sign on device for computer networks or online accounts, apply in healthcare situations for patient management, and has a number of law enforcement applications that overlap with border control and criminal ID.

“Mobile authentication is a fast-growth market for us,” says Siew Yen, Toplink Pacific’s marketing director. “We have a strong reputation for best-in-class performance — and we believe the DigitalPersona TCS1 sensor reinforces that reputation for exceptional performance.”

DigitalPersona’s winning sensor was chosen for a few reasons. According to Yen, the TCS1 stands out with its large sensor surface (256 x 360 pixels and 508 dpi), which is perfect for the capture of fingerprint images, allowing the room necessary for complete print capture with a high level of quality. The TCS1 is also FIPS 201/PIV certified, meaning that it has the credentials to support this quality.

“The design of the TCS1 sensor allows for high quality capture across a wide range of fingerprint types,” expands DigitalPersona CEO Richard Agostinelli. “Key attributes, such as a high signal-to-noise ratio, excellent robustness, a compact design and low power usage, make it attractive for a wide range of applications, including mobile authentication.”

BLUEFiN is part of an important mobile trend in biometrics: the leveraging of current generation smartphone, tablet and laptop hardware to achieve an increasingly desired level of strong authentication in all areas of life. Rather than depend on smartphone OEMs to integrate sensors into new smartphones, leaving the current gen to be ruled by voice, face and eyeprint solutions, Toplink Pacific and DigitalPersona are allowing fingerprints on to the scene in an impressive number of fields.

“Toplink Pacific’s selection of the TCS1 sensor is an indication of our strength in mobile solutions,” says Agostinelli. “As the world becomes more digital and more connected, there will be strong demand for mobile biometric authentication solutions. The TCS1 sensor is just one of our offerings for the mobile and wireless space. This is clearly an area of emphasis for us from an R&D and product development perspective.”

Recently, the TCS1 sensor was selected to feature in two fingerprint readers for use in China’s Resident Identity Card program.