Discover App is Latest to Support Face Unlock on Pixel 4

Discover App is Latest to Support Face Unlock on Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 was launched by Google back in November of 2019 featuring Face Unlock, Android’s version of biometric facial recognition that functions similar to Apple’s Face ID.

The introduction of Face Unlock was seen by many as a big step for Google and Android, as until that point previous Pixel phones had all relied on their signature rear-mounted fingerprint scanners for biometric authentication.

The only issue however, was that upon its launch with the Pixel 4, Face Unlock was barely supported outside of a few of Google’s own apps.

This began to change late last year when Google introduced its new ‘Biometric API’, which replaced the ‘BiometricPrompt’ API and opened the door for developers to begin integrating their apps with Face Unlock.

Since then, the list of apps that support it has steadily grown, with the latest edition to that club being the Discover app. Users that have the latest version of the app installed will receive a prompt asking if they would like to enable Face Unlock, and from that point on it should work seamlessly.

It should be noted that anyone running the Developer’s Preview of Android may not be able to take advantage of this new feature just yet.

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