Thai MNO DTAC Embraces IDEMIA eSIM Provisioning for Smartwatch

Image via IDEMIA

IDEMIA‘s remote SIM provisioning technology is once again being used in support of a smartwatch, this time in collaboration with DTAC, a mobile operator in Thailand.

The collaboration means that DTAC subscribers will be able to easily set up a new, eSIM-based smartwatch on the network, and to easily change their subscriptions and even network providers, thanks to the remote programming supported by eSIM technology.

This is at least IDEMIA’s second partnership with a Thai mobile operator in support of an eSIM smartwatch this year. In June, the French company announced that its eSIM provisioning solution was being used in a smartwatch offered by the MNO TrueMove H.

The company also announced that its remote provisioning solution was being used to support South Korea’s first eSIM smartwatch last month, thanks to a collaboration with domestic operator SK Telecom.

In a statement announcing the DTAC partnership, IDEMIA asserted that Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has said that the country’s mobile penetration rate is about 170 percent, indicating that over half of all residents have at least two phone numbers. “It is clearly seen that the landscape has changed significantly, reflecting the needs of convenience from customers,” IDEMIA said, suggesting that the trend points to solid market potential for eSIM-connected smartwatches and other such devices.