Duo Report Finds Enterprises Adopting Better Mobile IT Practices

Duo Report Finds Enterprises Adopting Better Mobile IT Practices

Duo Security has released its fourth annual Trusted Access Report, finding that more and more workplaces are implementing zero-trust procedures to reestablish high enterprise security standards for an increasingly mobile workforce. The report specifically called attention to the rise of mobile devices, noting that 45 percent of app access requests come from somewhere other than the office, with one third of all work being done on a mobile device.

“For years, security teams have had little visibility into the cloud applications users were accessing and the personal devices they were using,” said Wendy Nather, Duo Security’s Head of Advisory CISOs. “Security leaders are taking back control thanks to a zero-trust approach to security.”

That approach includes stronger user authentication, and biometric authentication in particular now that 77 percent of mobile devices used in the workplace support some form of biometric authentication. Duo also credited practices like blocking anonymous IP addresses and devices with out-of-date operating systems for the rising level of security.

The findings in the report were compiled using de-identified data from existing Duo customers.

BioConnect recently integrated Duo’s mobile app into its biometric authentication platform, while Duo previously partnered with Yubico to improve access management IT for the government sector.