ELAN Selects Foundry Partner for Biometric Smart Card Production

ELAN Microelectronics has selected South Korea-based MagnaChip Semiconductor as its new foundry partner for the production of biometric smart cards.

ELAN Selects Foundry Partner for Biometric Smart Card ProductionThe companies say they will work together to make smart cards with embedded IC-based fingerprint sensors, with MagnaChip providing its 0.35 micron Mixed Signal Thick IMD technology. MagnaChip is also planning to develop the capability of producing 0.18 micron IC technology, which could be incorporated into further smart card solutions down the road.

In a statement announcing the partnership, MagnaChip CEO YJ Kim said his company’s manufacturing process technology is “well-suited” for smart cards, “which require low power consumption.”

News of the partnership comes soon after ELAN Microelectronics licensed fingerprint algorithm software from Precise Biometrics, though ELAN Microelectronics has not specified the algorithm software to be used in its planned smart card solution.