EmTech Seeks to Leverage Biometric Hashing Tech from Trust Stamp

EmTech Seeks to Leverage Biometric Hashing Tech from Trust StampEmTech is bringing biometric hashing technology from Trust Stamp to its Responsible Gold, G-Coin, and Emergent Payments platforms, the company has announced.

The announcement comes a few months after the news that American and Mexican Attorneys General were working with Trust Stamp to leverage its biometric hashing technology to track individuals connected to illicit human trafficking. Trust Stamp’s technology is essentially designed to convert facial biometric data to an encrypted hash, allowing for biometric identification and authentication without the need for any biographical data.

How EmTech will apply Trust Stamp’s technology to its own platform hasn’t yet been fully detailed. Responsible Gold is a blockchain platform designed to track ‘responsibly sourced’ gold from the mine to the vault, with the gold tied to a digital certificate on EmTech’s G-Coin system. EmTech also offers something called Emergent Payments, a digital payments platform. In a statement announcing the partnership, Trust Stamp co-founder Andrew Gowasack said his firm’s technology “will make EmTech’s compliance and customer authentication processes even stronger across their G-Coin and Emergent Payments offerings,” suggesting that its facial biometrics technology will be used to enroll and/or authenticate end users.

The companies’ partnership also entails a “strategic investment” in Trust Stamp on the part of EmTech, though their announcement did not disclose the value or terms of this investment.