Entrust Datacard Joins Cloud Security Alliance

Entrust Datacard has joined the Cloud Security Alliance, an industry consortium dedicated to developing and promoting standards for security in cloud computing.Entrust Datacard Joins Cloud Security Alliance

In announcing its membership in the organization Entrust Datacard framed the move as one informed by the company’s specialization in offering trusted identity solutions in the areas of the Internet of Things, issuance, PKI, and SSL. The company also emphasized that over the last year it has launched two cloud-based solutions, its IntelliTrust Authentication Service and its ioTrust Security Solution.

Elaborating further, Entrust Datacard VP Josh Jabs called the Cloud Security Alliance “a leader in driving thought leadership across the security industry — not just in cloud-based architectures and concepts — but in emerging technologies such as IoT, blockchain and quantum-safe solutions.”

The move comes amid an expanding market for cloud-based services. Acuity Market Intelligence, which predicted the grand sweep of the mobile biometrics revolution, recently predicted that cloud-based biometric transactions will account for 70 percent of the 1.4 trillian mobile biometric transactions anticipated for 2022, reflecting considerable growth in cloud-based services. While that trend is sometimes framed in opposition to on-device authentication, Entrust Datacard’s leadership appears to expect growth in both areas, with the company having last year joined the FIDO Alliance, another industry standards consortium, which focuses particularly on on-device approaches to authentication.