Ericsson Adds Two New Offerings to Network Services Portfolio

Ericsson Adds Two New Offerings to Network Services Portfolio

Ericsson is expanding its Network Services portfolio with two new offerings that are designed to improve user experiences and facilitate the creation of secure IoT networks. Both services leverage advancements in AI, automation, and predictive analytics to help network operators process a higher volume of data while preparing them for the incoming 5G ecosystem.

So what are the new offerings? The first has been dubbed Network Intelligence, and is a support service that preemptively identifies and solves network problems before they become an issue. According to Ericsson, the service can automatically resolve most problems in about five minutes, and can create a 35 percent reduction in critical incidents. The service will prevent outages and allow network providers to ensure more stable coverage.

The Omni Network Channel, meanwhile, is a digital channel built to improve communications between Ericsson and its customers. Communications service providers can use the interface to solve problems on their own, or collaborate with Ericsson to address tougher challenges more quickly. It will also make it easier to adapt to new technologies like 5G.

Ericsson’s Network Services are designed to complement the company’s Operations Engine.

“There is a demand for more transparent interaction with vendors when dealing with network issues,” said Analysys Mason Principle Analyst Justin van der Lande. “Ericsson’s intelligent workplace technology addresses this well. Network Services are now readily accessible with shared data insights that put the customer experience front and center.”

“These new offerings enable self-help as well as smooth collaboration, co-creation, and easy access to data – all of which will help secure an always-on network experience,” added Ericsson Head of Service Area Networks Roger O’Hargan.

The new services are being launched shortly after Ericsson released an automated eSIM solution and partnered with Orange France to develop 5G infrastructure in that country.