Ericsson, China Mobile Demo 5G Drone

Ericsson and China Mobile have successfully completed a drone-driven demo of 5G connectivity, the companies have announced.

Ericsson, China Mobile Demo 5G DroneThe test was undertaken in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and involved the piloting of a drone using 5G technology running on China Mobile’s network. The drone was flown between multiple checkpoints on networks that were simultaneously being used by commercial mobile subscribers.

In a statement announcing the successful test, the companies hailed it as “a major milestone on the road to 5G.” It’s also presumably an important milestone in what the companies call the ‘China National Key 5G Project’, in which they partnered earlier this year.

Ericsson has demonstrated a keenness to get a foothold in the emerging 5G market, with another recent collaboration, this time with Vodafone, demonstrating how a 5G network could be used to run a cloud-based facial recognition system. Meanwhile, the public sector is also investing in 5G, with America’s Federal Communications Commission recently laying the groundwork for the future expansion of 5G connectivity in the US.