Exabeam, SecureAuth + Core Security Launch Behavioral Biometrics Solution

Exabeam, SecureAuth + Core Security Launch Behavioral Biometrics SolutionExabeam and SecureAuth + Core Security have teamed up to offer a new security platform based on behavioral biometrics.

The platform revolves around Exabeam’s Smart Timeline system, which scans online activity for abnormal behavior such as unusual login attempts and account switching. It assesses such behaviors into a risk score, which the SecureAuth IdP system then uses to apply authentication requirements, bringing in multi-factor prompts whenever stronger security is called for. And after the fact, administrators can look at the system’s incident timeline reports to better understand what kinds of attacks were detected and thwarted.

In a statement announcing the solution, SecureAuth + Core Security Product Strategy SVP Robert Block emphasized the passive capability of the authentication system. “Whether it is a continual risk and trust assessment or Zero Trust model, organizations must put in place a framework that allows for the continual evaluation of risk and trust and then offers the ability to take appropriate actions,” he said.

The solution arrives amid growing excitement about behavioral biometrics, which is increasingly seen as a valuable additional layer of security in combination with more active authentication systems such as fingerprint or face scans. And with Exabeam and SecureAuth + Core Security’s solution coming out of the latter’s Connected Security Alliance, it has the advantage of immediate interoperability with other CSA solutions.