Partnership Will See EyeLock’s Biometrics Offered To Tyco Customers

Tyco Integrated Security has announced a new partnership with EyeLock LLC, which will see the latter’s iris scanning biometric identification technology offered to Tyco’s customers.

Tyco Focuses on Iris Biometrics with EyeLock PartnershipTyco hasn’t yet elaborated on the specific platform through which EyeLock’s technology will be delivered to its clients, but in a statement announcing the partnership the company referred to its access control applications. The company also called EyeLock’s technology “a breakthrough in proprietary software, security, algorithms and optics”.

The partnership emerges at a time of growing excitement about iris biometrics, with Samsung’s new Galaxy Note7 smartphone helping to popularize the modality in the mobile domain, where fingerprint scanning also picked up considerable momentum in its emergence in Apple’s iPhone devices. EyeLock says its iris scanning technology can identify individuals from up to 60 cm away, even if they’re wearing glasses, and as such represents a particularly sophisticated form of iris scanning.

The Tyco integration could offer a considerable boost in EyeLock’s profile. As EyeLock marketing and business development executive Anthony Antolino commented, “this partnership marks a major milestone in the growth and widespread market adoption of iris-based identity authentication as the game-changing biometric measure in the field of security and access control” —and of course EyeLock is at the front and center of this milestone.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)