Eyesight Announces New Passenger Monitoring System to Make Driving Safer

Eyesight Announces New Passenger Monitoring System to Make Driving Safer

Eyesight Technologies has announced the launch of a new Occupancy Monitoring System that will make the ride safer for everyone in the car. Dubbed “CabinSense”, the new system uses sensors to determine the number of passengers in a vehicle while also gathering information about their age, gender, and relative position.

CabinSense can then use that information to tailor the car’s other safety features to the needs of the individual in each seat. For instance, it could prevent the deployment of an airbag on a seat with a child passenger, or call attention to an improperly buckled seat belt.      

“Cars are becoming powerful computerized environments which can protect their occupants and cater to their needs in various ways. However, cars can do so intelligently only if they truly understand who is present and what is the occupant’s state in real time,” said Eyesight CEO Gideon Shmuel.

The new platform makes additional use of facial recognition to identify individual users and set preferences for music, temperature, and other environmental controls. And future versions of CabinSense will be able to detect behavior like smoking and drinking and alert owners whenever an item like a smartphone gets left behind, Eyesight says.

Biometric passenger monitoring was the focus of a recent partnership between SMK and CAARESYS. Now, Eyesight’s CabinSense announcement offers another indication that biometric sensors will be a key safety feature in next generation cars.