360’s New F4 Mobile Device Features FPC1035

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) technology is being used to power the fingerprint scanning capabilities of a new brand’s debut smartphone. 360’s new F4 mobile device features a rear-mounted FPC1035 sensor.

360's New F4 Mobile Device Features FPC1035The brand is new, but the company behind it certainly isn’t; China-based 360 previously went by the name “Qiku”, under which it released multiple smartphones that feature FPC technology. But with its recent acquisition of the Dazen brand, the company has decided to unify its holdings under the new moniker 360, and is taking advantage of the fresh start of its F4 device by aiming it at the youth demographic.

In a statement announcing the integration, FPC indicated that the revenues expected from this licensing deal are included in its already-announced revenue guidance of 7,000-8,500 MSEK for the year – an impressive range indicative of the success the company has seen as it has helped to push forward the smartphone biometrics boom. The company also indicated that the F4 would use FPC’s fingerprint scanning technology not only to unlock the device, but to control access to apps and to authorize payments on the Alipay mPayment platform.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)