Face ID is Key to New Platform That Rewards Ad Watching with Movie Tickets

Face ID is Key to New Platform That Rewards Ad Watching with Movie Tickets

A co-founder of MoviePass is looking to leverage Apple’s Face ID system for a new movie ticket platform, according to Adweek. The aim is to force members to watch ads in exchange for movie tickets, and the company is hoping that early adopters will pay for the privilege through a Kickstarter campaign.

Whereas the idea behind MoviePass was to let subscribers get access to as many movie theater tickets as they want based on a monthly fee, the PreShow concept is essentially to replace subscription fees with ads. The trick will be to make sure that members are actually watching the ads, and to that end PreShow will use Apple’s face biometrics technology to verify that it’s a given PreShow member watching ads on their iPhone.

What’s more, the platform takes advantage of Face ID’s gaze-tracking feature ensure that the user is actually looking at the screen while the ad is playing; if the user looks away, the ad will pause.

While this will seem quite a sinister use of contemporary biometric technology for those who hates watching ads, others who don’t mind so much now have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor through PreShow’s Kickstarter campaign. A donation of $60 delivers access to a beta version of PreShow in July and 30 free invites for friends; a $25 donation gets beta access in September and 10 invites; and $15 will deliver access in November and five invites.

Source: Adweek

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