Fat Statz Files Patent Suit Over Samsung’s Health App Tech

Fat Statz Files Patent Suit Over Samsung's Health App Tech

California-based Fat Statz has filed a patent lawsuit against Samsung Electronics alleging that its patented technology is used in the Samsung Health app.

According to Fat Statz via Capshaw Derieux, the company’s representation for this case, the technology behind the patent was intended “to address the motivational needs of people with health and fitness goals.”

As LawStreet reports, the patent in question is U.S. Patent No. 9,757,066, issued to Fat Statz in 2017. It covers technology ostensibly developed by Fat Statz — founded in 2002 as BodySpex — that provides rapid motivating feedback, rewards users for dieting or exercising, and allows them to compare real-time data that is gathered from a biometric device with others, ranking them accordingly.

Fat Statz claims that the Samsung Health app, which is pre-loaded on a number of Samsung products including the Galaxy A, S, Z and Note Series, as well as wearables like some Galaxy watches and the Galaxy Fit fitness tracker, uses their technology to gather biometric data and use it as outlined in its patent filing and as described above.

Additionally, Fat Statz argues that the technology in its patent is an “inventive concept”, and could help to lower the number of American adults that are overweight by filling a need as a tangible motivational system.

The lawsuit was filed on April 15th, with Samsung having until May 6th to submit an official response.

Source: LawStreet