Fathom AI Launches Fathom Pro Wearable Fitness System

Fathom AI Launches Fathom Pro Wearable Fitness System

Sports injury startup Fathom AI has launched Fathom Pro, a wearable sensor-based system aimed at reducing injuries resulting from running and providing recovery exercises based on biometric feedback.

Fathom Pro uses three compact sensors, each the size of a quarter, that the user places on their lower back and just above each ankle. These sensors collect movement and force data and then send it to the Fathom app. The data is then analyzed in the app using human movement research and recovery best practices to find imbalances in the users’ running form.

The Fathom AI app then identifies ways the user may be compensating for weak musculature or limited mobility. The Fathom Pro system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and designs an adaptive recovery program taking into consideration the user’s level of experience and fitness.

While other recovery apps can provide users with common stretches and recovery exercises, Fathom Pro takes data from its biometric sensors and uses the artificial intelligence in its app to design an adaptive strength and recovery program tailored specifically for each user. It learns how the user runs, and the more the system is used, the better it gets at learning how they exercise. It will then determine what stretches and strength conditioning they need to recover faster and avoid injuries altogether.

Other running data measurement systems and fitness trackers available on the market collect mountains of data about a particular run. Where Fathom Pro differs is in providing both the data and the adaptive analysis; it can potentially help users avoid lengthy setbacks due to injury by making a few simple changes in their routine.

Though it is initially focused on running, the Fathom Pro is expected to offer support for other activities through 2020. The three-sensor kit is available for pre-order with a $299 price at launch that is expected to eventually rise to $399. The Fathom A.I. app that does the analysis requires a $30 monthly subscription.

Source: Digital Trends