FIDO Alliance’s Inaugural Authenticate Event Gets Pushed Back to November

FIDO Alliance's Inaugural Authenticate Event Gets Pushed Back to November

The FIDO Alliance’s inaugural Authenticate conference has officially been postponed. The event was originally scheduled to run from June 2-3, but will now take place on November 9-10. The FIDO Alliance member plenary has similarly been rebooked for November 11-12.

The venue will remain the same despite the scheduling shakeup. Both Authenticate and the member plenary will still take place at the Motif Hotel in Seattle, Washington.

Of course, the news is not all that surprising given the scope of the COVID-19 pandemic. Authenticate is simply the latest conference to feel the effects of the virus, which could pose a greater threat to an event in its first year of operations. Authenticate was first announced in September, while the keynote speakers were unveiled in February.

The FIDO Alliance remains optimistic even though it cannot yet rely on returning guests. The organization claims that interest in Authenticate has been high since it was announced, and that registration had been trending towards a sellout prior to the onset of COVID-19. The event should be a success if that enthusiasm carries through to November. All event space has been booked, and sponsorships have almost been sold out.

ID4Africa and Money20/20 Europe have also been delayed until the fall.