The Number of FIDO Certified Products Grew by 200% in 2016

The FIDO Alliance is heading into the new year with considerable momentum, reporting that 2016 saw the number of FIDO Certified products grow by 200 percent.

2016 Saw 200% Growth in FIDO Certified Products

Importantly, among those certifications was the first one for a biometric authentication system on a desktop, by way of Intel. With that company currently collaborating with PayPal, Synaptics, and Lenovo to bring FIDO authentication to the latter’s laptops, it all points to a coming proliferation of FIDO-certified biometric authentication systems on a wider array of consumer electronics beyond mobile devices.

Noting the certification growth in a post on the FIDO website, FIDO Alliance Technical Director Adam Powers is also keen to note that FIDO standards are finding their way into not only products but services, with major names like Google and eBay incorporating the standards into their offerings.

The developments suggest a growing market appetite for strong security, and with FIDO currently working on new authentication specifications for payment cards, the year to come should be an exciting one.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)