FIDO Welcomes Aetna to Board of Directors

Prominent US Health Services Firm Aetna Joins FIDO AllianceThe FIDO Alliance Board of Directors welcomes its first healthcare services provider in Aetna, a prominent American firm offering health insurance and related services.

The appointment should offer valuable insight to FIDO with respect to the healthcare industry, an area in which increasing digitization is proliferating security vulnerabilities. In a statement announcing Aetna’s appointment to the Board, FIDO cited IRTC data noting that the healthcare sector’s share of all reported data breaches jumped from 9.7 percent in 2014 to a whopping 66.7 percent last year, signalling the need for stronger authentication solutions.

The FIDO Alliance, as the leading cross-industry consortium working to establish authentication standards, is in a unique position to help, and indeed the Alliance reports that over 100 FIDO Certified products are now available for the healthcare industry. But the insights that an industry insider like Aetna could offer may prove valuable in furthering these efforts.

Commenting on the appointment, Aetna CSO Jim Routh said, “With our experience, influence and background, we are proud to become a board member of the FIDO Alliance and continue to develop secure authentication solutions for the healthcare industry that can reduce the reliance on the use of insecure solutions that are based on username and passwords.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)