FIDO’s Korea Working Group is Handing Out 300 Free Security Keys

FIDO's Korea Working Group is Handing Out 300 Free Security Keys

The FIDO Alliance’s Korea Working Group will be handing out 300 free security keys to protect remote employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. The giveaway has been dubbed the FIDO Security Key Support Campaign, and it is being carried out in collaboration with eWBM, AirCuve and Octatco, who are sponsoring the initiative. Octatco is a Yubico partner.

The physical security keys are all compliant with the latest FIDO standards. They will be distributed to people in South Korea who are now more vulnerable to phishing attacks because they no longer have access to the strong security infrastructure of an office network. In that regard, the FIDO Alliance is one of several organizations (along with Yubico and the EFF) that has warned about an increase in social engineering attacks during the pandemic.

Those interested in receiving a free FIDO security key have until April 17 to submit their application.

“It is our pleasure to collaborate among FIDO Alliance members in Korea,” said Working Group Co-Chair Daniel Ahn. “We will continue to develop and provide social contribution programs that can educate the public about FIDO protocols while leaving positive social impacts.”

The Korea Working Group has tried to promote FIDO standards since its formation in 2017. The organization recently wrapped up a successful hackathon that paired teams of students and young professionals with corporate partners to flesh out a new idea over the course of a three-month mentorship.