FindBiometrics Directory Launches Featuring Industry Leaders IDEMIA, Aware, BioConnect, NEC and More

The FindBiometrics Directory is open for business.

As the biometrics industry continues to grow at an accelerated pace, with authentication and identification solutions proliferating the market, relying parties looking to deploy technologies in the enterprise, financial services, government, retail and healthcare markets are presented with a daunting abundance of choice. The quick pace at which the biometrics industry has grown left little time for education of consumers, making it incredibly difficult to make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and implementing a biometric solution, let alone finding the right one for the job. There are simply too many biometrics companies, making too many claims, using too much industry jargon, for business decision makers to make an informed choice.

FindBiometrics, working with leading vendors in the biometrics space, has remedied this problem with the launch of the FindBiometrics Directory: the most comprehensive biometrics company directory on the Internet.

“We travel the world with FindBiometrics, bringing biometrics, mobile ID and digital identity to end user conferences and the demand from vertical markets has never been higher,” said Peter O’Neill, CEO of FindBiometrics. “The people looking for biometrics are overwhelmed with choice, and now it is crucial that the leading biometrics vendors make finding their brand, products and services as simple as possible. Convenience has driven the biometrics market to amazing levels of mainstream adoption, and so finding the solutions that best suit your purposes should be just as easy as a face or fingerprint scan. That’s why we have launched the FindBiometrics Directory: to make sure the serious leaders in our field are easy to find.”

The FindBiometrics Directory makes it easy for interested parties to discover the leading biometrics vendors by solution type or are of application, to learn more about that company’s products and services, and to decide on what technology to invest in to enhance their operations with unmatched convenience and security. Vendors listed in the database benefit from easy searchability, customizable listing options, and the ability to enhance their presence with rich media such as video, white papers, case studies and more.

Major industry players are already involved and listed on the FindBiometrics Directory. IDEMIA, NEC, BioConnect, Daon, Aware, Sensory, FacePhi and hundreds of other biometrics and identity companies have chosen the FindBiometrics Directory as a channel to reach prospective clientele and ensure they are best represented to an audience actively seeking out biometrics solutions.

Listings are still available on The FindBiometrics Directory. To inquire about having your company or organization included, visit the FindBiometrics Directory now.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)