Fingerprint Biometrics On DoCoMo’s Fujitsu Smartphone Courtesy of Fingerprint Cards AB

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoAdding to the buzz around fingerprint sensors being used as the next generation of personal mobile security (a buzz that has been serving it very well), Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) can boast that it was present at ground zero: distributing today a press release to the effect that the newly released Fujitsu F-07E Android smartphone features FPC swipe sensor technology.

A Disney-branded phone currently available in NTT DoCoMo stores across Japan, the F-07E is the first smartphone to use FPC’s swipe sensor technology.

“Finger sensors in smart devices have become an increasingly essential way to ensure that these devices are secure and at the same time they add convenience for the users,”  says Katsumi Takada, head of Mobile Phone Group of Fujitsu. “Finger sensors in smartphones have become something of a trademark for Fujitsu and by adding 1080 swipe sensor technology from Fingerprint Cards, we are taking the next step in helping smartphone users to increase the convenience of their experience through effortless fingerprint security.”

The announcement comes with Fingerprint Cards’ best second quarter results in the company’s history still coloring its enthusiasm and with iPhone 5S fingerprint authentication rumors positively affecting biometrics stock. The phone’s featured swipe sensor does however shine in contrast to FPC’s other recent announcement that many 2013 projects have been postponed due to customers choosing to reevaluate the solution versus the company’s area sensor offering.

“The Japanese market is well-known for its high quality and performance standards. Fujitsu and DoCoMo are the world’s most experienced users of finger sensors.” says FPC president and CEO  Johan Carlström, who expects multiple launches in Japan and other parts of Asia throughout the remainder of 2013. “It gives me great pleasure to see the launch of the first smartphone using FPC’s swipe sensor technology in this demanding market.”