Fingerprint Cards to Release Q2 Update on July 19

Fingerprint Cards to Release Q2 Update on July 19Fingerprint Cards has set a date for its Q2 update, which will arrive on July 19th. The company will issue its Q2 report at 7:00am CET, followed by a webcast and telephone conference at 9:00am CET.

In announcing its plans for the Q2 update, FPC offered no hints about what it would entail, but it’s likely to be hotly anticipated not only by the company’s stakeholders but also industry analysts more broadly. As one of the highest-profile leaders in the mobile fingerprint sensor market, FPC has served in recent months as a kind of barometer for major shifts in the industry, especially with respect to the tightening margins that have resulted from increasing competition and market saturation, and dropping costs.

These pressures were reflected in FPC’s Q1 report, which showed a drop in profits and a dip into the red in terms of overall results. But the company’s leadership promised some adaptive maneuvers at the time, and has subsequently followed through with its announcement of further cost reduction measures including large-scale layoffs, and its most cost-effective fingerprint sensor yet, the FPC1511. All told, FPC’s leadership said they “expect some stabilization and sequential growth in Q2,” a hopeful prediction that will be evaluated against the company’s real results in about a week’s time.

FPC’s Q2 update will be presented by CEO Christian Fredrikson and Acting CFO Ylva Blomén, and will be conducted in English.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)