Fiserv: Banks Need to Improve Digital Services to Retain Their Customers

Fiserv: Banks Need to Improve Digital Services to Retain Their Customers

A new report from Fiserv suggests that modern consumers are starting to demand better digital banking experiences. In a survey of 1,000 financial services customers in the UK, the organization found that a whopping 86 percent of respondents would consider leaving their current financial institution if it was difficult to access their account online.

That number should be especially concerning to financial services providers, since only 28 percent of the respondents were satisfied with the level of online services they were receiving.

“The process of developing and delivering digital experiences in line with customer demands can be a daunting prospect,” said Fiserv VP Nick White. “However, neglecting digital channels is a recipe for customer attrition. A well thought out strategy enabled by robust technology is a starting point from which financial relationships can grow.”

Fortunately, Fiserv’s Rising to Meet Customer Expectations report highlighted some potential areas of improvement. 43 percent of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction with online login procedures, which gives banks the opportunity to leverage new authentication technologies like biometrics to improve the customer experience. That finding reinforces previous Fiserv research that found that customers are warming to biometric authentication for financial services.

The survey respondents were also interested in tools and services that would help them improve their financial literacy, as well as online features that would give them more flexibility and control over their accounts across multiple channels. As a provider of digital banking services, Fiserv has partnered with major financial institutions like COMBANK and the Bank of Sydney in the past few years.